Download Alma2 (.zip)

The distribution package contains all the necessary files to develop new Alma2 front-ends, and also two working examples as starting points.
  1. Alma2 source files
  2. BibAlma.lisa
  3. Lisa.jar
  4. jgraph.jar
  5. Examples
    1. Karel Language
    2. Lavanda Language

Small FAQ

  • Which files do I need to develop a new Front-End?
    You will need the following structure:
    1. BibAlma.lisa
    2. out
      1. classes
        1. Alma2 source files
      2. java
      3. temp
    3. Lisa.jar
    4. jgraph.jar
    5. Your_DapAST_Specification.lisa

  • What must contain the file with the DapAST specification?
    This file must contain a Lisa specification (see examples or Lisa language reference).
    In specific, you must:
    1. import the file BibAlma.lisa: import "PATH_TO_FILE/BibAlma.lisa";
    2. declare the language as: language karel extends AlmaBase { NORMAL LISA GRAMMAR }

  • How can I compile my lisa specification?
    First you must set Lisa system ready to compile. You do this by adding the classpath to jgraph: In Lisa, go to Options-->Compiler... and in the java command text box, add jgraph.jar to the classpath.
    To compile a spec.lisa you must open it with the distributed Lisa.jar file (java -jar Lisa.jar spec.lisa)
    Then you just need to click on the Build button.
    You must know that this operation will generate a directory named out with all the necessary .class files to run the front-end, inside the classes directory.

  • Which files are necessary to run the front end?
    You will need to have the following (not necessary in the same directory, but because of dependencies it is better to keep them in a linear file structure):
    1. All the .class files from the out/classes directory including those inside Alma directory
    2. Compile.class (also comes from insde the out/classes directory)
    3. Images (all the images you use to create the Actors )
    4. jgraph.jar -- this file can be anywhere else, but you should include it in the classpath when running the Fron-End.

  • How can I run the Front-End?
    If you follow the structure above, you just need to run the command:
    java -classpath .:Lisa.jar Compile source.txt
    If you placed the jgraph.jar in another package you need to add it to the classpath:
    java -classpath .:PATH_TO_jGRAPH/jgraph.jar:Lisa.jar Compile source.txt
    If you have a big specification you may need to add more memory to the JVM:
    java -Xms64m -Xmx512m -classpath .:Lisa.jar Compile source.txt

  • If you have any more question, please, contact me! (See contact person on Team)