VisualLISA tool is available for Windows, MacOs, and Linux.

Download now the suitable version for you!

Windows v1.1r2 (aprox. 50MB) -- (Novemer 2012)
Windows v1.1 (aprox. 37MB) -- (March 2009)
Windows v1 (aprox. 35MB) -- (February 2009)
  • To install, double click on the downloaded file, and chose the destiny folder.
  • To run, double click on the launch icon.

MacOS v1.1r2 (aprox. 20MB) compiled -- (March 2009)
MacOS v1.1r2 (aprox. 20MB) source -- (March 2009)
MacOS v1 (aprox. 20MB) -- (February 2009)
  • The comiled version is said to work on recent Mac OS X versions (latest test on versão 10.9.1 - Mavericks)
  • To install, follow the next four steps:
    1. 1) Unzip the downloaded file;
      2) Make sure there are no spaces in the path to the originated directory and in its name;
      3) Open a terminal window and cd into the latter directory;
      4) Run command make;
  • To run:
    1. 1) cd into directory editor
      2) run command main.exe (or ./main.exe)
      1. It may be necessary to execute main.exe within X11 server.

Linux v1.1r2 (aprox. 95MB) -- (November 2012)
Linux v1 (aprox. 21MB) -- (February 2009)
  • To install, follow the steps described above for MacOS.
  • Attention: It may not work for some Linux distributions!
  • g++ and tcl8.5 were packages needed to install VisualLISA on Ubuntu.
  • g++ compiler version should be below 4.2.
    You can adapt the Makefiles in editor/main.src, respectively editor/treepathevaluator, and insert the correct path to g++ if you have another one installed.