The Editor

The edition of an Attribute Grammar in VisualLISA Editor is based on four windows, to which we call views.

Windows Root and Globals

The image above represents two of the views: The rootView (on the left) is used to declare the productions of the grammar; the defsView (on the right) is used to declare new functions, import new modules or packages and define lexemes or new data-types.

Windows Productions and Rules

The image above represents more two views: The prodsView (on the left) is used to draw the productions of the grammar, associating the attributes and the declaring computations rules; the rulesView (on the right) is used to specify the computations rules, using the base layout of the production to which it is associated.

Notice that all the windows are composed by two parts: a dock with buttons on the left, and an edition area on the right. The buttons are used to drag the language icons to the edition area to be possible the specification of the attribute grammar.

The image below shows the overall editor with all the four windows opened, and a sample of a production with its associated computation rule drawn.

Editor OverView