João M. Fernandes
Full Professor / Professor Catedrático
[Universidade do Minho / Escola de Engenharia]

Departamento de Informática
Escola de Engenharia - Universidade do Minho
Campus de Gualtar, 4710-057 Braga - Portugal

I am the main author of the book entitled Requirements in Engineering Projects, published by Springer, in its Lecture Notes in Management and Industrial Engineering series, 2016.
Uma versão do livro em língua portuguesa (grafia Brasileira) está disponível nas bancas: Requisitos em Projetos de Software e de Sistemas de Informação, publicado pela editora Novatec.

I am looking for highly-motivated graduate students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Software Engineering.

I was member of the team that developed iFlow, a web logistics platform developed for Bosch. iFlow was awarded the Excellence Prize 2016 by APLOG, the portuguese association for logistics and was among the last-6 candidates for the European Logistics Association 2017 Award.

I was recently invited to be editor of Open Computer Science (ISSN 2299-1093), a journal jointly published by De Gruyter Open and Springer.

I was responsible for the ICCES programme, an educational initiative whose objective is to train Ph.D. students on how to tackle problems of high complexity in an innovative and research-oriented perspective within industrial contexts.

I have already organized the following international conferences:
ICSOB 2015, PETRI NETS 2010, ACSD 2010, GTTSE 2009, DIPES 2006, ACSD 2003.

I am currently / was recently PC member of:
EASE 2018, ICSOB 2018, ITNG 2017, QUATIC 2016, QUORS 2018, RE 2017, SBSI 2019, SITA 2018, VL/HCC 2018

My research indicators: h-index 19, g-index 30, Erdős number 4 ( - Pedro Diniz - Oscar Ibarra - Shlomo Moran - Paul Erdős)

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