6, May - Keynote lecture on Coalgebraic Logic at EBL'2019

Keynote speaker at EBL'2019, the 19th Brazilian Logic Conference, 6-10 May, Joao Pessoa, Brazil --- speaking on "What coalgebra can do for you?"

28, April - New paper

"A quantum algorithm for Bayesian inference" accepted at MLDM (15th Int. Conf. on Machine Learning and Data Mining, NY, July 2019), with Michael de Oliveira. Springer LNCS (to appear).

25, April - New paper

Paper published: Reactive models for biological regulatory networks, with Daniel Figueiredo. Springer LNCS (11415), pp 74-88.

11-12, April - Quantum activities

Organization of the Quantum Days, a joint CMAT and INESC TEC innitiative. Along March and April, I dave talks on Quantum Computation at CEiiA (6 March), OET (22 March), and CIONET (23 April).

2, April - Two new papers on digital transformation

At ICEGOV'2019, with Nuno Carvalho, "Deep learning powered question-answering framework for organizations digital transformation", ACM (in print).

At DTGS'2019, with Ali Al-Lawati, "A framework for intelligent policy decision making based on a government data hub", Springer LNCS (in print).

28, February - At CWI, Amsterdam, for Jan Rutten's workshop and dinner

25, February

Launch of the Portuguese edition of the United Nations e-Government Survey.

7, February

At the intercalar meeting of the Gulbenkian Fellowship Programme on "New Talents in Quantum Tecnhologies".

24, January - election to TC1

Elected chair of IFIP Tecnhical Committee TC1, on Foundations of Computer Science.

17-18, December - at MLCSB18, Santiago de Chile.

Presented a paper at MLCSB18 - International Symposium on Molecular Logic and Computational Synthetic Biology, the first international conference co-promoted by the KLEE - Coalgebraic modeling and analysis for computational synthetic biology project.

3-6, December - at UN DESA Expert Group Meeting, New York

Joined the Expert Group Meeting on Role of public institutions on the transformative impact of new technologies, United Nations Headquarters, New York.

30, November - New paper

Paper published: Hierarchical hybrid logic, with Alexandre Madeira, Renato Neves and Manuel Martins, Electr. Notes Theor. Comput. Sci., Elsevier, 338, pp 167-184. 2018.

15-17, November - at CCC'18, New Delhi

Keynote lecture on "The impact of quantum technologies" and panelist on a debate on "Artificial Intelligence, Privacy and Data Protection", at the International Conference on Cyberlaw, Cybercrime, and Cybersecurity, New Delhi.

12, November - A New Doctor in the group: Guillermina Cledou concluded a PhD on "A Virtual Factory for Smart City Service Integration"

With a PhD thesis on "A Virtual Factory for Smart City Service Integration", Guillermina Cledou became a new doctor in the group. Erik de Vink, and Marijn Janssen, served as main opponents in the jury. Congratulations, Guille!

5, November - A New MSc in the group: Afonso Rodrigues concluded a MSc in Physics Engineering with a dissertation "Validation of Quantum Simulations"

For his dissertation Afonso won a New Talents in Quantum Tecnhologies Gulbenkian Fellowship, a quite prestigiuos and competitive programme. Congratulations, Afonso!

30, October - Michael Oliveira won a Gulbenkian Fellowship "New Talents in Quantum Tecnhologies"

Michael is a 5th year student in Physics Engineering, starting a MSc dissertation on "Quantum Bayesian Networks" under my supervision. The New Talents in Quantum Tecnhologies Gulbenkian Fellowship is a higly prestigious programme for undergraduate studets in this exciting area. Well done Michael!

29, October - Representing the Portuguese MCTES in the launching of the Quantum Flagship in Wien

A festive, most relevant event for the Quantum Technologies community in Europe. I represented Minister Manuel Heitor in the high level policy debate on perspectives for Quantum Technologies in Europe.

23-24, October

Co-organised the IBM-QuantaLab Quantum Computing School, at INL, the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory.

15, October - First MSc dissertation on Quantum Computation in the group.

Ana Neri defended her MSc dissertation in Physics Engineering entitled "Towards Quantum Program Calculation", jointly supervised by José Nuno Oliveira (UMinho) and Rui Soares Barbosa (Oxford). Congratulations, Ana!

16, July - New paper

Paper published: On infinitary equational hybrid logic, with Manuel Martins, and Alexandre Madeira, as a chapter in "Aftermath of the Logical Paradise", Beziau, J-Y.; Costa-Leite, A; D'Ottaviano, I. M. L. (eds), CLEF, vol 81, pp 173-202. 2018.

6-7, July

IFIP WG 1.3 meeting at Royal Holloway, London.

1-5, July

Representing UNU-EGOV in the IBEI-CEPAL-CAF Summer School on Digital Transformation for Latin America, Barcelona.

22, June - A New Doctor in the group: Renato Neves concluded a PhD on "Hybrid Programs"

With a PhD thesis on "Hybrid Programs", Renato Neves became the youngest doctor in the group. The jury pointed out his work as an outstanding contribution, denoting a comprehensive knowledge and solid mathematical maturity. E.-E. Doberkat, Tarmo Uustalu, served as main opponents in a jury which also included Marcello Bonsangue, Gabriel David, Jose Nuno Oliveira and myself. Well done, Renato!

25, May - Farhahd Arbab Festschrift at CWI, Amsterdam

Paper published: A note on reactive transitions and Reo connectors, with Daniel Figueiredo and Manuel Martins. in "It's All About Coordination" ---Essays to Celebrate the Lifelong Scientific Achievements of Farhad Arbab, Springer LNCS, 10865. 2018

22, April

Representing UNU-EGOV in the meeting of the Director Committee for PASP-TL, in Praia, Cabo Verde.

6, April - New funded project

New project approved DaVinci - Distributed architectures: Variability and interaction for cyber-physical systems. Funding: FCT; Partner: HASLab (ARCA) at INESC TEC; Budget: 239K€; Starting date: 1 July 2018.

4, April

Panelist at the "Public sector ICT and modernisation in Sub-Saharan Africa" at ICEGOV 2018. Key objective of the session was to highlight the potential of ICT as a tool, linking vision, strategy, action plans, active monitoring, measurement, and sustainable business models.

15, March

Paper published: A logic for the stepwise development of reactive systems, with Alexandre Madeira, Manuel Martins, and Rolf Hennicker Theoretical Comp. Sci. (in print).

20, February - New paper

Paper published: Languages and models for hybrid automata: A coalgebraic perspective, with Renato Neves Theoretical Comp. Sci. (in print).

10, February - New funded project

New project approved KLEE - Coalgebraic modeling and analysis for computational synthetic biology, in the first round of FCT call. Partners: HASLab (ARCA) at INESC TEC, and CIDMA, at Aveiro University; Budget: 238K€; Starting date: 1 June 2018.