Google Earth Models

To visualize these models you need Google Earth.

The models belong to two distinct epochs: XIV century and XXI century.

Note: some of these models are very complex, and may take some time to open on Google Earth.

Medieval Walls from the XIV Century

Model of a plausible reconstruction.

This model contains the bridge for both the XIV century version and the XXI century version. You can select either in Google Earth.
Largo de Camões (Camões Square)

Model containing the buildings of the square as well as the envolving volumetry.
Buildings between Largo de Camões (Camões square) and the Mercado Municipal (Municipal Market)

This model also contains the medieval tower of Cadeia Velha and a part of the old medieval wall.
Mercado Municipal (Municipal Market)

Model of the Municipal Market.
Museu dos Terceiros (Museum)

Model of a museum placed in the middle of Avenida dos Plátanos (Plantains Avenue).
Capela de Nossa Senhora da Guia

Modelo da Capela de Nossa Senhora da Guia situada no extremo sul da Avenida dos Plátanos.
Capela de Santo António da Torre Velha

Modelo da Capela situada na extremidade da Ponte, na margem norte do Rio Lima.