QTVR Panoramas from the XIV century

To view the panoramas, QuickTime software is required. You may donwload it freely from Apple.

The map shows the locations where the panoramas were taken. Select a red dot to see the panorama inside the current page, or select the panorama from the list below to see it in a large format.

Bridge over Rio Lima

Torre e Porta do Pé da Ponte ou dos Grilos (Tower)

Torre e Porta de S. João (Tower)

Torre da Esgrima (Tower)

Torre das Pereiras (Tower)

Torre da Carvalheira (Tower)

Torre e Porta de Braga (Tower)

Torre e Porta do Castelo (Tower)

Torre e Porta do Souto (Tower)

Torre da Cadeia Velha (Tower)

Torre de S. Paulo (Tower)